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Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage

Information regarding Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

For anyone over the age of 65 the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage annual open enrollment period started October 15th and continues through December 7th this year.  Any resident utilizing Omnicare pharmacy, our pharmacy will alert you if the plan coverage has changed and assist in finding one that covers your medication prescriptions.  If no letter is received then there was no change in the plan, and no need to re-enroll. New plans will start January 1, 2013.

Last for anyone who is on medicare part D, your friend or family:

Anyone can check various Part D plans offered.  Go to website, and select drug plans.  There is a video how to complete the tool finder.  It is a 4 step process, which includes entering all their current medications.  Once complete suggested best coverage plans will be identified.