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Phoenix Family Council Welcomes You!

Libby Johnson the President of the Phoenix Family Council gives a brief introduction to the Family Council Committee.

Hello, my name is Libby Johnson and I am the Phoenix Family Council President.

Let me provide some background about the Phoenix Family Council. The Phoenix Family Council was developed several years ago to seek input from family members in an effort to continuously evaluate and enhance the quality of Phoenix programs and services. The Council is a vehicle to work in partnership with family members and staff.  A major focus of the Family Council is grassroots and self advocacy to assure we have a voice with policy makers in making decisions about services and programs for person with disabilities.  The health and human services industry is ever changing so it is so important that we make sure we have a voice in decision making that will shape the future of disability services.

The Family Council is open to all family members, guardians or other loved ones of residents of Phoenix Residence. Many residences have a dedicated Council liaison who commits to conveying information gathered by the Council and to bringing concerns to the attention of the Council. The Council meets approximately 3 times a year and much of our work revolves around preparing ourselves for the annual Disability Day at the Minnesota State Capitol, scheduled for March 5, 2013.